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Artists & Special Collections Functional Art Custom Printing
Boston Coasters features images from emerging artists and special licensed collections, collectively called "sources". Our sources earn royalties each time a product featuring their image is sold. Our sources' works are printed onto our functional gift products including coasters, mousepads and fine art prints. We offer custom printing onto our products with no mimimum quantitites. Contact us to discuss your custom project.

Random Images

Cambridge Historic Sign

Hingham, MA Manhole Cover

Fort Warren

Swan Boats Boston Public Garden

Hicks & Clark - Brooklyn Heights

Chairman Mao says 你好, baby

Entering Norton Sign

Entering Monson Sign

Paris Street Sign

Here today

New York Forest Hills Sign

Boston Steam Manhole Cover

Very Low Tide

Greetings From Medford

Boston Bruins on Washington Statue

Northern Avenue Footbridge

Entering Acton Sign

Charlestown Bridge

Hull Vestas 660 with Sunset Glow

Entering Waltham Sign

Cambridge Public Library

Christian Science Center Boston

Entering Westminster Sign


Brooklyn Bridge
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